Review: Aerosmith – Eat the Rich (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Aerosmith – Eat the Rich.

This track was released in 1993 on the album Get a Grip.

This track does start a bit slow, but once the guitars and drums kick in, this track does become quite listenable.

One great part about the track was the guitars. I thought they not only added some nice melodies, but also added a nice bit of rhythm to the whole track.

Normally, drums can simply sit in the background and just provide a beat to the track, but in this track, it also gets put to the forefront and add so much more to the track. The way the drums sit in this track was nicely done.

The piano in this track is subtle, but was nicely layered with the other elements. They helped add a little extra to the overall sound.

One thing this track is famous for is the lyrics. While the lyrics can stir up a large amount of class debate, I thought that the lyrics, at the very least, shows attitude. I thought the ability for this track to show some attitude like this worked quite well. The vocals also worked quite well here.

Overall, I thought this was an enjoyable track. In my view, this track is definitely worthy of being called a classic rock track. It’s got attitude, great guitars, nice drums sound, and very good vocals. Get’s a thumbs up from me.


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