Review: Adeva – It Should Have Been Me (Def Club Mix) (House)

This review covers the house track Adeva – It Should Have Been Me (Def Club Mix).

This track was released in 1991 as part of a single.

The track starts with a drum kit. It has a clap as well. From there, some keys come in. After a bit, the track pulls back a fair bit. The track then introduces the main vocals in a non-lyrical fashion at first. After this, the lyrical section kicks in. Backup vocals make an appearance as well.

From there, the vocals take the track into the main chorus. Some synth strings accompany the vocals at this point in time. This is capped off with the vocals taking the track into the next verse. A synth melody backs this section.

After that, the vocals take the track into the next round in the main chorus. Synth strings emphasize this section. This is capped off with the backup vocals taking over for periods of time. A bassline comes in, joining the piano. The vocals then go away and the synth string makes a return in this instrumental section. The track then pulls back and a guitar element comes in. From there, the vocals come in and the guitar element only briefly overlaps this. The vocals take the track into the next verse. Some synth strings make an appearance in this section. Some of these vocals are non-lyrical.

At this point, the backup vocals echo the main chorus. After a bit, the main vocals take the track into the main chorus, only with the various elements normally backing them having been pulled back. The track then builds back up a bit with the backup vocals echoing the main chorus again. After this, the track then starts to break down. After this, the track just fades out completely.

One thing I do like about the track is the general production concepts. Different sections are emphasized when they need to be. There is even a little bit of variety because not all sections are identical whenever they make a re-appearance. The main chorus, for instance, doesn’t always have the string element. Most of the time, it does, but not always. This gives the track a bit more of a fluid sound which isn’t bad.

The vocals are pretty good. My only problem is that some of the lyrics are a bit hard to understand in certain parts of the track. As a result, some meaning does get a little lost.

Still, this isn’t a bad track. It has some nice production concepts from beginning to end. The vocals are pretty good, though some of the lyrics are a bit hard to understand. Still, it’s not a bad track to listen to. I certainly don’t regret listening to it.


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