Announcement: The June 2020 Wiki Content Patch

Content continues to be added to the Wiki. This is the monthly report on what has been added this month on Freezenet’s official Wiki.

Freezenet’s official Wiki is becoming one great Wiki. It’s kind of hard to believe this only started almost half way through January this year. Already, there are loads of content worth checking out. For some, we’ve gone beyond just a lifetime worth of music. Now, we are probably getting into having enough to last multiple lifetimes worth of content.

Last month, we mentioned that we started archiving Corsten’s Countdown. At the time, we archived 30 episodes. That is a very respectable start. As of today, out archiving effort means that we have reached all the way up to episode 160. That’s an overall improvement of 130 episodes. It also means the archive contains 160 hours worth of listening material.

This isn’t the only addition to the Wiki. We’ve also issued our first update to the show Fables. Previously, we made it up to episode 144 because, at the time, that was the latest episode. Some episodes have aired since then, so we’ve updated the archive to go all the way up to episode 149. This now represents roughly 155 hours worth of listening content (some episodes were multi-hour long episodes in case you are wondering) as opposed to roughly 150.

We’re really happy with how much content we’ve been able to add. We also look forward to adding more to it this month. In the mean time, enjoy everything the Wiki has to offer!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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