New Feature: Video Game First Impression Video’s

We here at Freezenet are proud to unveil another feature for this site. This time, we are rolling out first impression video game video’s.

Content production will be ramping up a bit here on Freezenet. Already, we’ve been regularly publishing audio podcasts since late last year. This has been a great feature to have, but now we are complimenting it with some video production as well.

Our new feature will offer a more open look at reviewing video games. Generally speaking, video game reviews here ultimately summarize the larger key points and observations of the video games. They give you a great description about what the game is about. We then offer our thoughts on the games ourselves. After that, we give a general percentage based on the scores of different aspects of the game.

This is great for giving you an idea of what to expect when going into a game for the first time. Really, this is one of the many sources of pride here on Freezenet – maintaining this system for so long and increasing both our and your knowledge of what games are out there.

One thing, however, is the fact that while these reviews do offer a fantastic summary of different video games, they don’t necessarily show off some of the more minor observations I make while playing. If they did, the reviews would be less review and more encyclopedia-like. That really helps no one. Rather than letting those minor observations go entirely, it makes sense to offer some of that in a new format.

Since video game’s here on Freezenet have always been much more about exploration, I wanted to capture that exploration spirit by showing off our gameplay in, well, recorded real-time. This way, you actually observe exactly what I observed when I played these games for the first time. I personally think this is going to be a cool little experiment worth trying out.

Releases will be infrequently posted about once a month. No promises as there might be a month or two skipped, but we’ll try and provide you with some video on occasion. All this, naturally, depends on what response we get. If we get a lot of positive response, we will certainly consider doing more of these.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to seeing what this ends up offering for everyone involved.

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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