New Feature: Our Podcast is Now on Amazon Music!

It is getting to the point where the question is, what isn’t our official podcast available on? Our podcast is now on Amazon Music.

Last month, we announced that our podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts. It adds another significant ecosystem where our podcast can be listened to.

Of course, we are far from done. We are very excited to tell you that our podcast is now available through Amazon Music. You can listen to it here.

What’s cool about this is if you use Alexa as a personal assistant, you can now say “Hey Alexa, play Freezenet Official Podcast” and you’ll be able to listen to it directly. So, at this point, you can listen to our podcast in the car with a large portion of popular voice activated assistants. Whether it’s through Siri or Alexa, you should be able to listen to our podcast with ease.

If you are curious about the podcast on this platform, but lose track of where the announcement is, you can always just look at our sidebar on the right (below if you are on a small mobile device) and click on the Amazon Music button. That will take you to the direct link.

We hope you enjoy yet another way you can listen to the Freezenet official podcast and look forward to expanding our reach even further after this!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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