Announcement: The February 2021 Wiki Mini Update

The Freezenet official Wiki continues to grow. In this February 2021 mini-update, we talk about the latest completed archive project.

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to post one of these. That wait is now over. Today, we have completed the show, the archive for the V Recordings Podcast. As of this writing, this show features 104 episodes. In all, there is over 208 hours worth of music documented on this show.

Documentation for this show wound up being fairly hit and miss. Some sites feature a handful of episodes in different era’s. Other sites only feature a couple of episodes period. Throughout our research, we found that no site had a complete accounting of every episode of this show. This seemingly includes the official website where some of the oldest episodes have seemingly disappeared altogether. Despite this, however, the information we were able to gather wound up being surprisingly complete. Besides a missing guest mix or two and the usual “ID – ID” that is bound to crop up sooner or later, we only really found one episode that didn’t have reasonable documentation (episode 19). Even then, a recording of the episode is still available.

There was, however, a need to clean some of the information. Some documentation flipped track artists and titles around. A few tracklists didn’t quite make it clear if what was provided was just and artist or just a track title. In other instances, pieces of information were duplicated. There was even a few instances where the track numbers had to be fixed. We even corrected some of the grammar along the way. Despite all of that, we were able to adjust and fix most of this and present you with very clean data. So, we hope all of this proves useful afterwards.

This show nicely compliments our other Drum and Bass show, the Random Movement Podcast. That show was completed earlier and continues to receive updates.

In all this represents the 8th completed show we have on offer. The 9th show also happens to be completed (Reconation). So, we are going to forge ahead with our 10th show. This archive took a bit longer to complete than expected (after all, it was the subject to our patches for January and December), but what can we say? When life gets busy, life gets busy. On the plus side, this show is now completed, so there’s that.

As mentioned earlier, this will be the last drum and bass show we cover for quite a while. It’s not that we don’t like the genre, but rather, we need to move on to bringing in other genre’s of music. Of course, we are, in fact, open to help. If you think you have something to offer our Wiki or would like to add more drum and bass sooner (something we encourage), you can always apply to be a volunteer through out jobs page. This offer has been open for some time and the call for help with this project continues to stand. Obviously, if you aren’t into Drum and Bass, but want to contribute knowledge for other kinds of music, that is also welcome as well.

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy these offerings and look forward to providing even more content in the near future!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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