Announcement: Our Beta Music Reviews Section

By Drew Wilson

We are pleased to announce another feature found in our reviews section: Music reviews.

In a followup to our video game reviews section (which we formally announced last November), we are proud to announce another new section of this website: music reviews.

After several months of development, we have been able to build a small database of music reviews that cover a range of music types that include drum n bass, house, trance, ambient, rock, pop, and hardcore. While we all have differing opinions on what counts as good music and bad, we also note that this section also shows off lesser known artists along with better known artists. Whether you agree with our opinions or scores or not, we hope that you find new music in this section that you might not have otherwise heard about.

One great feature of this new section is that it shows which tracks we have determined to be produced by a member of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). If you prefer music by those labels, you can simply go through the tracks produced by them. If you, however, prefer the more independent rout to finding new music, the list also shows you what content is commercial (basically, if it’s produced and sold by an independent record label), available for free, available as free streaming, available under a Creative Commons license, or a combination of these.

This list is organized by year of released and, subsequently, in alphabetical order in each of those years. We hope you find this section of our website interesting, and maybe even informative.

Check out the music reviews section now!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85

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