After Reaching Goal, #TeamSeas Project Carries On

The #TeamSeas project is carrying on after removing 30 million pounds of garbage from the ocean.

Last year, we wrote about the TeamSeas project. It is a collaboration between YouTuber’s Mr. Beast and Mark Rober. Other YouTubers and creators on multiple different platforms joined in with this project as well. The goal is pretty straight forward – remove 30 million pounds of garbage from the ocean. To get help from others, the idea was that people would donate to the TeamSeas project. For every dollar donated, they would remove one pound of garbage from the worlds ocean.

When we first reported, they had set a goal of removing 30 million pounds of garbage from the worlds oceans by the end of the year. Towards the end of 2021, it was looking pretty dicey as to whether or not they would reach that goal. Reports indicate that after Mr. Beast slapped himself for donations, that helped to provide that last push to get the project over the finish line right at the last minute.

According to the official TeamSeas website, as of this writing 30,463,582 pounds of trash have been removed from the worlds oceans.

While we are in a new year now, the project is not finished. At this point, anyone can donate more money to remove more trash from the worlds oceans. This is very similar to the Teamtrees project where you can still, to this day, donate money to plant a tree. We, of course, posted about TeamTrees back in 2020 and, despite how much time has passed, the project carries on.

This is the kind of stories that is very enjoyable to cover. People in the Internet community banding together for a great cause. What is even better is seeing these projects experience success as well. Indeed, garbage in the ocean is a very real problem today. There is a lot of garbage in the worlds oceans. What’s more is that the impact this has on the environment is huge. While one project like this won’t necessarily solve all the worlds problems, at least something is being done about it – and it’s a crowdsourcing effort on top of it all.

So, it’s certainly worth congratulating everyone involved in making this project a successful one. It’ll be interesting to see if there is another project like this in store.

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