This Week In Other News: Week of December 17

We look back on the week in headlines we’ve seen around the web. They may not quite fit in other sections, but they will certainly fit here.

Three Masked Burglars Pick One of the Most Ultimate Wrong Houses to Hit

Three masked burglars probably thought it would be an easy smash and grab. They would break into a nice big expensive looking house and make off with plenty of loot to likely sell on the black market. What could go wrong, right? Well, as it turns out, there is such a thing as hitting the wrong house. According to WFMY News, that house happened to be owned by Richard Childress, an executive member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). The evening predictably didn’t end well for the criminals.

Maybe Trading Marijuana for the Sheriff’s SUV Was a Bad Idea?

A man decided it was time to sell his SUV. So, he decided to do what a number of people do and sell it on Craigslist. As it turns out, a buyer ended up being quite interested. Unfortunately, the buyer didn’t have the cash, but instead, had something else to offer: weed. The seller decided to take up the buyers offer and agreed to meet. One little tidbit about the seller, though. He is the Teller County Sheriff. The Gazette also features these little gems:

“You want to know the truth? I saw that text, and I started giggling,” Teller County Sheriff Jason Mikesell said Tuesday.

“I was really surprised and I thought at first, ‘Maybe this is a joke,'” Mikesell said.

He showed the texts to detectives the next morning, and they soon turned the blunder into a bust, setting up a meeting in Woodland Park to trade the SUV for the pot.

Instead of driving away in the SUV, Langley and Jane Cravens were arrested by undercover detectives, the Sheriff’s Office said.

When Robbing a Store, Check to Make Sure They’re Not Having a ‘Shop With a Cop’ Event First

There are criminals out there that meticulously scope out their next target. They plan their robbery to the tiniest of detail to make sure they can make off with the most amount of merchandise as possible. Clearly, this woman wasn’t one of those robbers. As it just so happens, she picked the day and time the store was having its “Shop With a Cop” event. According to one estimate, there was somewhere between 50 to 75 police officers roaming the store when she tried to make off with $1,000 worth of merchandise. From MSN:

She was charged with larceny over $250, resisting arrest, and giving a false name to police officers.

She was arraigned in Framingham District Court on Wednesday.

Something tells me she was a bit outnumbered.

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