Vlog: Freezenet Survives the Facebook News Links Apocalypse

In this 16th instalment of the vlog, I talk about Freezenet surviving the Facebook news link apocalypse. I also talk about how I think I did it.

Welcome to the 16th instalment of my vlog. Today, I talk about Freezenet seemingly surviving the Facebook news links apocalypse. In addition to that, I go over why I personally think I managed to survive even as others did not.

To check this video out, you can view it directly on YouTube or in the embed below:

I’ve been following the news links apocalypse closely and it was definitely the scariest thing yet I’ve seen going on in the world of news. I’m thrilled to say that Freezenet did, in fact, survive.

So, in this video, I go over the theories as to why I somehow managed to survive when it seemed like almost everyone else didn’t. This includes being a small site flying under the radar and whether or not it was because I focused on a particular topic.

Regardless, I never want to put up with this kind of stress ever again. Yes, Google has yet to act and they may come up with a completely different determination as to the status of my site, but I consider this a positive sign of things to come. I might actually be able to continue this long running 18+ year career. Fingers crossed, here!

Side note: Yes, I accidentally said 18+ career instead of 18+ Year career, but you knew what I meant.

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