Video: Me Live Reacting to Getting 1,000 Views in a Single Video

I did a live reaction to getting 1,000 views in a single video. This, by far, blows my previous record out of the water.

Today, I did something a little out of the ordinary. I recorded my live reaction to one of my video’s hitting 1,000 views. It was an incredible moment and I wanted to record the moment live. You can check out my reaction video here or in the embed below:

When I published my video of my first impressions of the XBox One (video can be found here), I honestly thought the performance of such a video would be, at best, similar to my Playstation 4 first impressions video. I figured it might, at best, get maybe somewhere in the ballpark of 200-450 views. It would give the channel a nice small boost in views and I would carry on with business as usual. In fact, I figured there was also a good chance it might get a dozen or so views, performing about as well as the standard good performing video on the channel.

I had no clue that it would perform as good as it did. The day it got that massive shot in views, I checked to see how the channel was doing and was shocked that it was getting as much as it did. In less than 24 hours, it was on the verge of getting 1,000 views. I saw it hit around 500 views and the numbers just kept growing by the second. When it reached about 950, I knew I had a chance to record the very moment it rolled over to 1,000.

So, I broke out my equipment and fired up the software. Go figure, the software started glitching out where the screen capture would only show a single frame instead of the standard live shot. It had never done this before, so I’ll probably be looking into whether or not I can actually correct this or not. I tried to set up OBS last minute, but I couldn’t find the right option in time to record what was happening on screen. As a result, I went ahead and grabbed my web cam, pointing it at the monitor because I had no other reliable means of capturing the moment. It was at 994 views.

I didn’t honestly have a plan for how I would go about recording this. I just winged it. Luckily, I remembered to read some of the comments in the video. Sorry if I missed yours. A lot was going through my head at the time. Still, I wanted to record the moment the video reached 1,000 and, luckily, I was successful on that one.

So, as I said many times over, thank you for making this moment possible. I’ve had a very brutal Christmas holiday season and this is something I probably badly needed. I’ll look at recording a followup video in a week. Since a lot of you are new to the channel, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to show you what all is going on in the channel, what my hopes are in the future, and some of my plans (going through some “what if” scenarios). Also, I hope to answer some of your questions in the process. I’ll get to planning that video out for the next little while, but in the mean time, enjoy my mind being blown by this moment.

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