Top 10 Best Games Reviewed in 2019

It is the new year. So, we now take a look back at what proved to be some real highlights for video game reviews. It’s time to count down the top 10 greatest games we’ve reviewed in 2019.

Yesterday, we counted down the top 10 worst games we reviewed in 2019. Today, we are taking on a more positive look at video games.

First, we want to take a step back and mention two things. The first big thing is that, if you are reading this, that means the last of our Atari 7800 games have been posted. As a final send off to the system, we decided to post top 10 greatest Atari 7800 games of all time. If you are curious about what the system is like, we definitely found a few games that got some thumbs up from us. Definitely worth a look, that’s for sure.

The second thing we want to mention is our latest game of the year. For this, we are going all the way back to 1983. It’s a year that predates the NES by two years. As a result, this year is truly a case of shooting around in the dark because until I started these reviews, I hadn’t played hardly any games released before 1985. Every game in that year was a new experience for us. For a while, it was looking like it was going to be a three way tie between Bump N’ Jump, Q-Bert, and River Raid. All three are certainly up there for us that year. Each game did score a respectable 84% each. All three didn’t quite make the cut once we reviewed Dig Dug. A game that scored a commanding 88%. Big congratulations to that game for snagging the title.

So, without further delay, let’s get to what you all came here to read: The top 10 countdown.

10. Miner 2049er (Atari 5200)
It’s a real shame the sequel didn’t stack up to this one. This game combines concepts from Q-Bert, Pac Man, and Donkey Kong to make a surprisingly good game. While success does depend on memory work, the game isn’t impossibly hard either. Learning the game isn’t that big of a deal here. A great game overall.
Score: 80%

9. Battletanx – Global Assault (N64)
While the storyline may be less than stellar here, this game still stands out as a great game. It takes what made the original great and improved on it. This includes better controls, an improved arsenal of tanks and weapons, and a brand new tank bucks system that shows a certain degree of innovation as well.
Score: 80%

8. Duke Nukem: Zero Hour (N64)
Trying to determine the order of the first three games is probably the most difficult part of the list. Each of these games have their merits. It could have been a three way tie for all of them, really. Still, we had to pick an order and this is what was concluded. Topping the 80% scored games is this fine gem. Interesting weaponry and big maps all help make this a great game. The one-liners only made this game that much better. An item collecting mission between missions helped get this game to where it is now. Hail to the king, baby!
Score: 80%

7. Vigilante 8 – 2nd Offense (Playstation)
The scores are only going up now. This game builds on what made the original a success. While it doesn’t quite stack up to the N64 port, it still proves to be a great game overall, showing off another reason why Playstation games do have something worth playing.
Score: 82%

6. Q-Bert (Atari 5200)
A classic to be sure. This game has plenty of fame backing it for good reason. Back in the day, this is a top of the line gaming experience. A simple, yet addicting game that is both approachable and challenging at the same time.
Score: 84%

5. Pole Position II (Atari 7800)
Making it into the top 5 is this great racing game. Hard to believe such a good third person perspective racing game can be found on one of the classic Atari systems, but here it is. Four tracks that feature varying difficulties helps make this game a success as well. Certainly a great game worth checking out.
Score: 84%

4. Mean 18 Ultimate Golf (Atari 7800)
Another game that is practically ahead of its time. This game takes the small amount of power the 7800 has to offer and pushes it to the max. The third person perspective for the time is truly impressive. While the depth perception isn’t the greatest, the distance meter is more than capable of making up for that. Enjoy Pebble Beach in this full 18 hole game complete with every hazard you expect from a golf course.
Score: 84%

3. River Raid (Atari 5200)
Making it into the top 3, this top down shooter offers infinite variety. It takes what made the Atari 2600 version great and improves on it drastically. More enemies and better environment helps push the quality up that much higher.
Score: 84%

2. Dig Dug (Atari 5200)
Another very recognizable classic with good reason. Not only is this game a simple one in concept, but it is also quite fun to play as well. Even if you lose, the game allows players to continue on anyway to further explore the various levels this game has to offer. A fantastic game for the time.
Score: 88%

1. Vegas Stakes (SNES)
It was extremely difficult to pick the winner this year. Both games not only score closely, but trying to choose between the two had me thinking for quite some time. This years winner is found in the casino side of gaming. The poker is where the best action is. The emotions and random passerby people show players how a proper casino game works. It is so impressively crafted that is just barely edges out every other game to take the top spot for the year.
Score: 88%

That’s it for another year. We hope you enjoy checking out the list as much as we enjoyed making it. Here’s to another great year in gaming!

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