The Last of Us Unlocked for Early Access

This months early access review, as nominated by Patrons, is The Last of Us. You can read this review now!

We’ve reached that part of the month where another review gets unlocked for early access. This month, Patrons nominated The Last of Us. This is available on Patreon for those who are subscribed on the Chilled Out tier and up.

I remember this game for a number of reasons. When I had just finished building the main collection for the PS3 and started building up the XBox 360 collection, I was going over what games I should tackle early on. I had devised a plan of playing a game for every release year so I could get a sense of the buildup of what expectations for games were at the time. This meant picking games representative of a given release year on console. For 2013, I picked The Last of Us as the game that would represent that release year and set the stage for what the expectations are for that year.

I had known this was a hugely popular title when I picked it and even had high expectations for what I was in for. On the one hand, I figured a video of the game would get some traction at the very least. On the other hand, I figured I would be in for an excellent gaming experience. Sadly, neither of those expectations came to be. Since September of 2021, the video got a total of only 6 views as of this writing. There was no noticeable traffic impact on the site. What’s more, the game ended up being a pretty mediocre experience for me (which was the biggest surprise for me). As a result, this ended up being a let down on a number of fronts for me. Still, it did further hammer the point home that when you have expectations of something being successful, you never really know for sure unless you try. Sometimes, you end up being surprised and disappointed.

Still, I do find it interesting that there was interest for early access for this game. So, if you are interested too, you can head on over to Patreon, subscribe to the Chilled Out tier and check out my review right now!

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