Teh Scene Releases Final Episode

“The Scene’s” initial release was immediately surrounded by controversy. As with any controversy over something well known, it spread like wildfire.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

Almost simultaneously, two spin-offs were produced to poke fun and take advantage of this documentary. These shows were called “Teh FuX0red Scene” and “Teh Scene.” “Teh Scene” has just completed its one and only season.

“Teh FuX0red Scene” lasted two episodes and only made an appearance on Kedora. Kedora ceased operations after running out of money and was later passed on to MiniNova. The show then passed itself over to the ED2K network. It was unable to survive on BitTorrent because only one seed existed – which caused a variety of bandwidth and distribution problems.

“The Scene” thrived for quite some time. It earned a paradoxical recognition, especially after Episode 9. This episode only spread the belief that Jun Groups is really a group of people who worked for Sony. This led to the scorn of many ‘in-the-know’ users and where the parody “Teh Scene” served its use for many.

“Teh Scene” regularly churned out episodes like “The Scene” on a similar website. For those who actually watched both shows, they will note how “The Scene” is merely someone sitting on a laptop while “Teh Scene” offered much more dramatic stage play and even special effects.

After episode 7 of “Teh Scene”, many found out that episode 8 will be their last of the series. According to a post on their forums, the creators of the show are allegedly moving onto other projects. This may very well spread the name “P-jeer” further.

Many anticipated episode 8 to be released shortly after episode 7, but it was not destined to be. After a considerable amount of time had passed, technical issues proved to cause the delay. The delay was not designed to build suspense nor was it a result of infighting. Finally, episode 8 was released today which is said to cap off the famed series. It is just over 45 minutes of jam packed entertainment that will have you laughing to the end.

In the mean time, “The Scene” is still continuing their series, albeit in a less popular state now that the controversy has passed as per the normal monthly basis.

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