TeamSeas: Mr. Beast, Mark Rober Team Up With Other Creators to Clean Trash from Oceans

Famed Youtubers Mr. Beast and Mark Rober are joining forces to clean up the worlds oceans through their TeamSeas initiatives.

We’ve all seen those news stories about the latest trends that are terrible ideas or the questionable story about how social media is harming the youth. Much of that is either grossly exaggerated or simple exercises in moral panic (often with little evidence to back the story up). Still, the overarching message is that anything Internet related is bad and that nothing good comes from it. Of course, this obscures a lot of the good and positive aspects the Internet has brought. This includes how it helped people find purpose in life, brought fame and fortune for others, reconnected people, and helped us all through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last year, we highlighted the story of Mr. Beast who did all sorts of really positive things. This includes giving tipping a pizza delivery guy with a house, giving away hundreds of thousands (in some cases, millions) of dollars to people, or effectively giving away cars to name a few things he and his team did. Part of that report highlighted one of his major initiatives. That is his Team Trees initiative. The goal was to plant 20 million trees and do it in a way that does help the overall environment. The overwhelming conclusion is that not only was it successful, but the initiative is still planting trees to this day.

Recently, Mr. Beast announced that he is teaming up with another famed YouTuber, Mark Rober. Together, they helped create the TeamSeas initiative. The goal is to remove 30 million pounds of trash from the worlds oceans, beaches and rivers. They also called on other creators across social media to join in on this initiative. Mr. Beast created a video for his channel:

(YouTube link)

Mark Rober also created a video for his channel as well:

(YouTube link)

Other creators are also pitching in. For instance, Scammer Payback is also helping to raise money for the initiative:

(YouTube link)

So far, things seem to be going well for the initiative. Surprisingly, it landed them an interview on Jimmy Kimmel live:

(YouTube link)

As of right now, the initiative has raised $12.6 million. With the goal of raising $30 million, they are already getting close to the half way mark. The hope is to raise that $30 million before the end of the year. It’s safe to say that it’s looking promising that they could reach that goal. The website for this is

Ultimately, this is yet another example of how the Internet does have a positive influence on this world. It’s great to see something like this happening and it highlights, yet again, that the Internet is not this big monolithic silo of evil.

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