Judge Slashes Jammie Thomas Fine to $54,000

The case is at least 4 years old now, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. Jammie Thomas trial was described as a “first of its kind” trials where a file-sharer was sued for sharing music in the US. Now, a new development has unfolded in this long-running trial which may very likely be seen as

RIAA v. Tenenbaum – How Likely Is An Appeal Coming?

The has been some interesting developments in the RIAA vs. Tenenbaum case that may have some far reaching consequences. How far reaching wasn’t clear until some paperwork surfaced with just how much the RIAA is losing in these file-sharing cases. We weigh the possibilities to figure out how likely the RIAA is going to appeal

RIAA Cries Foul Over Tenenbaum Fine Reduction

It may be the least surprising reaction of the year, but the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has said that they would contest the ruling that saw the reduction of the Tenenbaum fine from $675,000 to $67,500. The organization said that it would contest the ruling, but exactly how remains to be seen at

Damage of CRIAs $6 Billion Lawsuit Felt in Anti-Piracy Operation

Last weeks lawsuit against CRIA for commercial copyright infringement sent shock waves throughout the industry as a whole as well as throughout the media and has left some wondering if it’s a case CRIA can recover from both financially and morally. Recently, there was clear evidence that the lawsuit has had an impact on anti-piracy