US Govt Urges Judge to Reject Thomas’ Unconstitutionality Claim

When Jammie Thomas was fined $1.92 million for sharing 24 songs, the verdict sent shock waves throughout the world. Thomas’ lawyers then appealed the decision based on a number of factors including saying that the award was unconstitutionally high. Now, the US government, namely the Department of Justice (DoJ), is stepping in to defend the

Tenenbaum Fined $675,000 for Sharing 30 Works

After the judge simply told the jury to decide on a fine, and not asking them to consider the validity of evidence presented by the copyright industry among other things, the Jury found that Tenenbaum be fined $675,000 for sharing 30 songs.

Judge in Tenenbaum Case to Jury – Defedant Guilty, Pick a Fine

The judge in the Tenenbaum case has handed the jury instructions now. It’s those instructions that are, at the very least, raising eyebrows in the legal community. the instructions basically told the jury that the defendant in the case was guilty and that it was up to the jury to basically pick a number between

RIAA Member Objects to Suppressing Evidence in Tenenbaum Case

Legal questions have been raised over whether or not MediaSentry has violated the law while gathering evidence. While the questions are being raised in the Thomas case, Sony, a member of the RIAA, is objecting to a similar motion to suppress the evidence based on legal uncertainty in the similar Tenenbaum case. Surprisingly, they point

Jammie Thomas Wants a Retrial, Says Damages Unconstitutional

For many, the very thought of going up against the record labels in the United States over file-sharing is something most aren’t exactly capable of doing – let alone three times. This is precisely what Jammie Thomas is after according to recently submitted court documents.

No Deal! Jammie Thomas to Appeal $1.92 Million Fine

Is it constitutional to fine someone $1.9 Million for sharing 24 songs? Is it copyright infringement to merely place songs in a shared folder? That and many more questions might be answered in the Jammie Thomas case where she recently said that she would be appealing.

Jammie Thomas Fined $1.92 Million for Sharing 24 Songs

It only took the jury a few hours to deliberate and weigh all the evidence. Jammie Thomas was originally sued for $222,000, but her new fine is now $1.92 Million. Some are already wondering whether or not such a fine is even constitutional.

RIAA Objects to Jammie Thomas Having Legal Council During Re-trial

There’s been small movements in the Jammie Thomas case, but recently, the US’s first file-sharing case to make it to the US court system and receive a full trial has surged back into the headlines. The reports suggest that the current legal council wants out of the case. When Thomas asked for new legal council

The Pirate Google Launches

The guilty verdict against The Pirate Bay has left many feeling irate. Many feel that you can pretty much do what you can do on The Pirate Bay on Google. Apparently, someone has developed a web page that does this more to prove a point than anything else.