Report: Spanish Minister Vows to Pass Site Blocking Anyway

A few days ago, we reported on the defeat of web censorship in Spain where ISPs would be mandated to block websites if the government ordered them to block them over copyright infringement. The law was brought forth due to US industry threats, lobbying and pressure. Now, news is surfacing that the defeat won’t be

US Pressure Backfires as Site Blocking is Voted Down in Spain

There’s been a major development in Spain recently. The Ley de Economia Sostenible (Sustainable Economy Act) in Spain now no longer has the highly controversial provision of mandating ISPs to block websites suspected of facilitating copyright infringing activities. While the war is not over yet over the so-called “Sinde Act”, it seems to be a

Wikileaks: US Threatened Spain to Implement Three Strikes Law

Earlier, we reported that the MPAA, RIAA and the BSA had influenced the push for HADOPI in France according to the Wikileaks ever-present cablegate story. It now turns out that US influence has also been directed at Spain as well. The threat? Implement a three strikes law or be put on the watch list.

Spain Mulls Shuttering P2P Sites Without a Court Order

When a crime is committed, one would think that allegations can be disputed in court. Apparently, the Spanish government is currently considering a law that would allow rights holders to shut down an internet site without a court order.