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A Response to Don Henley on the PROTECT IP Act

It almost sounds silly that someone could possibly salvage the PROTECT IP Act at this point in time. Still, that doesn’t stop some people from trying to pass off the PROTECT IP act as something that would actually do anything at all to stop piracy. We’d like to respond to this opinion with some counter-arguments […]

Hollywood Wins Court Case – ISP Ordered to Block NewzBin2

While major entertainment corporations are working hard at censoring the internet in the United States through the PROTECT IP Act, it corporate sponsored censorship has already become a reality in the UK thanks to what some have referred to as a landmark court case.

PROTECT IP Would Destabilize Internet Security, Consultants Warn

We’ve already heard from law professors who disapprove of the PROTECT IP act, now security experts are also lining up to oppose the PROTECT IP act for the simple reasons that it would destabilize the internet and harm cyber security efforts.