RIAA vs. Public Radio – Performance Rights Act Moves Ahead

If one were to frame this as a case of biting the hand that feeds it, there would be plenty of people who wouldn’t be surprised at the comparison. A bill in the US is moving ahead that would tack on a brand new tax onto public radio broadcasters where if radio plays music, they

Slyck Interviews the NCRA

While there may be a number of issues surfacing, such as Bill C-59 and Bill C-453, there’s another battle brewing under the radar.

Is Podcasting a Profitable Venture?

With podcasting’s popularity booming as well as other free internet goodies, there also comes the temptation of earning quite a lump of change in the process.

Podcasting On the Rise

Podcasting has accomplished many extraordinary feats recently. Inexpensive by nature, almost anyone with some spare change can start their own Internet radio or TV show.

RIAA Takes On XM Over Copyright Infringement

Satellite radios are a relatively new thing in the world of digital technology. With a system that receives a signal, it is no surprise that someone would eventually create a device to record the information of that signal.