FCC Head Backs Internet Cable Usage-Based Billing

If this is any indication of things to come, accessing the Internet could be a whole lot more expensive in the future. Julius Genachowski, Chairman for the FCC has come out in support of usage-based billing in the US for cable companies.

Canada’s Usage Based Billing Hearings Kicks Off

In a way, it’s surprising that Canada is still talking about Usage Based Billing. Yet, here we are today with the CRTC (Canada’s regulator for industries like this) holding hearings on ISPs pushing to make sure Usage Based Billing is permitted in the marketplace.

HADOPI Blamed for ISP Rate Hikes in France

The goal of The High Authority for the Protection of works on the Internet (HADOPI) is to stop piracy, but French internet users are learning that the only thing HADOPI has effectively stopped is low rates for an internet connection. “Free”, one of France’s largest telecom company admitted that ISP rate hikes were “inevitable”.

French ISPs and French Government Locking Horns Over HADOPI Costs

There’s a major battle brewing between the French government and the French ISPs. A line is being drawn and it’s about the money. While this was foreseeable thanks to our earlier reports, it will be very interesting to see how far the battle will escalate. One report suggests that ISPs may even opt to not

Records Fall As UK Movie Industry Profits Soar

It’s not a well kept secret, but it is facts like this that copyright holders would rather keep quiet when discussing online piracy. This isn’t the first time movies rake in record breaking profits while the industry argues that the industry is facing total collapse due to unauthorized downloading, but one more reminder wouldn’t hurt.