Report – Windows 7 is ‘Practically Made for Pirates’

We’re not entirely sure who would be more upset, copyright holders who have been desperately trying to install a three strikes regime everywhere in the world or Microsoft after they receive a lawsuit from those same copyright holders. It’s unlikely that, in the face of the MGM vs. Grokster case, that Microsoft will exactly be

Microsoft Creates Leech-While-You-Sleep BitTorrent Hardware

It could be a private BitTorrent user’s dream come true. Imagine your overall ratio being at 0.98 right before you put your computer into sleep mode and waking up the next morning to discover your ratio is now at 1.25 after bringing your computer back out of sleep mode. That’s exactly the kind of thing

Zune vs. Creative Commons

Take a pre-existing license adopted hundreds of thousands of times. Mix creators and activists with DRM (Digital Rights Management.)