New Mega Website Experiences Mega Traffic Surge

By Drew Wilson It was a much anticipated launch – Kim Dotcom’s new website “Mega” opened its doors today to much fanfare. While the website was greeted with positive reviews amongst outlets that were able to get an early sneak peak, the grand opening to the public caused such a surge in traffic, the load

Music Industry Pressures Radio Station to Pull Mega Ads

By Drew Wilson Kim Dotcom’s problems with the record labels isn’t just limited to anything that is related to the shutdown of MegaUpload. With the launch of a new service called “Mega” just days away, Dotcom got ads to air on a radio station. But the music industry wasn’t thrilled just with the idea of

Footage of Raid on Kim Dotcoms Mansion Surfaces

Footage of the raid on MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom has now surfaced online. The footage showed a police dog, police helicopters and several armed officers, armed offenders squad, special tactics group armed with glock pistols and rifle’s.

Megaupload Case: US Authorities Call Court Order ‘Unrealistic’

It could be a set of developments that pushes US authorities into a rather interesting predicament. A New Zealand court has ordered the handing over of all evidence so that the defense could build their own case to fight extradition. Unfortunately, US authorities are now saying that the amount of data is too large to

The Long and Winding Road of MegaUpload

The MegaUpload case has been a long and winding road in the last few years and it’s journey is continuing to this day. While the cyberlockers beginnings may have been marked with success, now, it is dealing with legal hurdles that saw its shutdown earlier this year. We review some of footsteps the website has