MPAA Pressures Website into Censoring ZeroPaid Reporter

The MPAA has been targeting cyberlockers for the last little while. Now, another website I’ve used to distribute music I produce has decided to bow to pressure and censor me in the process of shutting down its sharing services.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

CNet has noted that the MPAA is targeting several cyberlockers. The article says that the MPAA is targeting Putlocker, Wupload, Depositfiles, FileServe, and MediaFire. Some of these services are being used to host my own music I want people to download, listen and share for free. That is my choice. I create the music, I have the right to distribute my music as I see fit.

Already, I’ve personally been censored by American prosecutors on behalf of several rightsholders after the takedown of MegaUpload. After the takedown, I’ve personally decided to upload my music to several cyberlockers as part of my anti-censorship tactics against rightsholders thanks to the help of ZeroPaid member Napho.

Now, one of the websites I’ve used to host my music has decided to bow to pressure and block all attempts by others to download my music for free. WUpload is now displaying the following message every time someone tries to download my music for free:

Announcement: All sharing has been disabled. Wupload is not a file sharing site. If you uploaded a file, only you can download it and it can’t be shared with anyone else.

Here are links to my music that are now functionally dead:

Phantoms of London
Startin’ Fresh

This is the second time I’ve been censored by rightsholders. Sure, you could say that it’s no big deal if I keep uploading my music to other cyberlockers for ease of download, but that’s not the point. The point is, rightsholders are deciding how their competition is allowed to express legitimate forms of free speech. Does Pepsi decide where Coca Cola is allowed to sell pop in the US? Does Fox news decide what CBC is allowed to report on? Does Toyota decide where Ford is allowed to sell trucks? If not, why is the MPAA deciding where I’m allowed to post my music online for free? This is why I have a problem with these shutdowns. Its the idea that I am being censored. This is the second time I am being censored by competition and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last time either.

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