Was tFlow Arrested? Fox News Says Yes, Anonymous Says Unconfirmed

In the flurry of news stories surrounding the AntiSec movement yesterday, one report stuck out for us. The report said that tFlow, a high ranking member of LulzSec, was arrested in the UK and facing extradition to the United States. After speaking to members of Anonymous, however, that report remains unconfirmed. Fox News told ZeroPaid

Anonymous and LulzSec’s Existence Scares ISP into Halting Web Censorship

LulzSec has certainly had an effect on many around the world. Love them or hate them, it’s next to impossible to deny that they have caught the attention of many. That includes Australian ISP Telstra. According to reports surfacing, they planned on rolling out their web censorship plan, but are now hesitant on implementing their

LulzSec Ridicules The Jester

Earlier this morning, we reported on Th3J35t3r (The Jester) exposing LulzSec member Sabu. LulzSec responded by belittling his efforts to take down Jihadist websites and rewriting one of his scripts.

LulzSec Sets Release Date While More Claim They Are Compromised

With so many questionable reports circulating in the media, if you have a healthy dose of scepticism, chances are, you’ll have a good grasp of what is really going on. Another group has come forward to claim that they compromised LulzSec and plan to hand their details over to the FBI. Just hours after these

Media Gives LulzSec Credit for Another Hack They Never Carried Out

If there is anything that is surprising about the LulzSec story, outside of their success, is the poor quality of journalism when it comes to covering the hacking. After improperly giving LulzSec credit for breaking in to and compromising UK census data, now they are giving LulzSec credit for bringing down Australian domain registrar