ZeroPaid Interviews the Free Software Foundation

Open source has been in the media for quite some time whether directly or indirectly. With ACTA leak and the ASCAP letter two big news items that affects open source, we decided to sit down with the Free Software Foundation and talk about these and other things related to the open source movement.

ZeroPaid Interviews a Music Marketer

The ASCAP and NMPA story has generated quite a lot of attention and feedback here at ZeroPaid and one music marketer has decided to have a discussion with ZeroPaid about music and the internet in the wake of this story. We were happy to talk with him on the issue.

ZeroPaid Interviews the Pirate Party of Canada

If you asked a file-sharer in, say, 2005, if there would be a political party with a focus on, among other things, copyright and internet rights issues, you were more than likely to just get an odd look or a response wondering what kind of substances you were on. That was just four years ago.

Exclusive: ZeroPaid Interviews Open Rights Group

Many things have been happening surrounding your rights on the internet and a number of these things are occurring in Britain. We interviewed Open Rights Group to get a better idea of what things have been like and what things might be like in 2009.

Slyck Interviews the CPCC

So you have a huge music collection of different kinds of music. You think to yourself that you’d like to listen to your music in a specific order without having to swap out your CD’s every time.