ZeroPaid Interviews Michael Geist

One of the many things we are tracking here at ZeroPaid is the developments of the Canadian copyright reform legislation. So, we decided to talk to Michael Geist, one of the leading experts of copyright, the internet and digital rights in Canada.

A Discussion With Russell McOrmond on Hollywoods New Intel Chip

Just shortly after new years, news surfaced on multiple websites where Intel was developing a chip that would support high definition copy protected content for streaming purposes. The news intrigued us, so we discussed some of the issues that came up with coordinator of Digital Copyright Canada and Canadian consultant Russell McOrmond.

ZeroPaid Interviews the Free Software Foundation

Open source has been in the media for quite some time whether directly or indirectly. With ACTA leak and the ASCAP letter two big news items that affects open source, we decided to sit down with the Free Software Foundation and talk about these and other things related to the open source movement.