Editorial: Why We Are a Long Way From Using Anonymous P2P Networks

By Drew Wilson Every few years, the idea of using anonymous networks pops up in discussion from time to time. Often, this is the result of some event such as the RIAA suing users en-masse or ISPs throttling certain protocols. The latest prediction comes from a a posting on Slashdot in which the author says

Anonymous Hacks, Database Exposed

What started as a group of people wanting to protest has become an all out war over censorship. After earlier threats were made by Anonymous, it appears as though Anonymous did make good on their threat to target BART.

The Face That Launched Anonymous’ War on PayPal

PayPal may be convenient for some in the online world, but Anonymous doesn’t see anything convenient about some of its recent activities. There’s now seemingly a full-scale war between the company and the collective and neither side is backing down.

Third Target of FBI Anonymous Probe Steps Forward to Announce Innocence

We’ve been documenting the people that were targeted in the cross country raids on alleged Anonymous members. So far, it seems that every day we are hearing from those who were affected coming forward to state their case that they had no part in Anonymous hacking. Today, we found another person stating their innocence.

Details of Who Was Arrested in FBI Raids on Anonymous Emerge

Yesterday, we discussed the large sweep by the FBI, arresting anywhere between 14 and 16 people (reports have been conflicting on the actual number). In our initial report, we weren’t exactly able to find any evidence that the hackers that were arrested were high ranking members in Anonymous. So who was arrested? Apparently, a student