AntiSec Dump Targets Arizona Police a Third Time

The AntiSec movement, which in this case, is headed up by Anonymous, has posted another information dump. It seems apparent that targeting the Arizona Police department twice wasn’t enough and they have been exposed a third time.

Denmark Police Wants to Ban Anonymous Internet Use

Should using the internet Anonymously be a thing of the past? That’s what police in Denmark are hoping. They are currently recommending that identities be verified before someone is able to log on to the internet. But is it one thing to hope that internet anonymity be abolished and quite another to make it happen?

Anonymous and LulzSec’s Existence Scares ISP into Halting Web Censorship

LulzSec has certainly had an effect on many around the world. Love them or hate them, it’s next to impossible to deny that they have caught the attention of many. That includes Australian ISP Telstra. According to reports surfacing, they planned on rolling out their web censorship plan, but are now hesitant on implementing their

LulzSec and Anonymous Team Up, Sets Their Sights on the US Government

LulzSec already hacked FBI affiliate Infragard once, but that might not be the only time the US government might face hacking. LulzSec has issued a statement on PasteBin saying that they are teaming up with Anonymous in operation “AntiSec” which aims to “steal and leak any classified government information”