Stack Overflow Latest Site Hit With Data Breach

Specific details are unclear, but it appears that knowledge exchange website Stack Overflow is one of the latest victims of a data breach.

There’s been a lot happening this month so far. Still, we’ve had time to cover some of the big breaches. In one breach, hackers gained access to customer information via a backbone service. As a result, customers from companies like Oracle, BT, Porsche, and Toshiba are a few companies impacted. Later on, a single breach wound up impacting nearly 40% of the entire population of Australia.

Now, another major site is the latest victim of a data breach. This time, it is a knowledge and information sharing website Stack Overflow. From Tech Crunch:

“Over the weekend, there was an attack on Stack Overflow,” wrote Mary Ferguson, vice president of engineering. “We have confirmed that some level of production access was gained on May 11.”

“We discovered and investigated the extent of the access and are addressing all known vulnerabilities,” said Ferguson. “We have not identified any breach of customer or user data,” she said.

An investigation into the breach is ongoing.

The company otherwise remained tight-lipped about the breach, its cause and the effect. We’ve sent several questions to the company but did not immediately hear back.

So, at this point in time, it’s unclear if personal information is compromised or even what the hackers were after in the first place. Still, that’s a pretty big website to get hacked in the first place, so it really could have been almost anything the hackers were possibly after. It could have been a database of active e-mail accounts that could be sold to spammers as an example.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation for any developments in this story.

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