Sneak Peek: Psy’Aviah – The Wildness In Me (EP/Maxi)

In this sneak peek, we look at the recently released EP/Maxi, Psy’Aviah – The Wildness In Me.

We got another gift in our inbox. This time, it is the EP/Maxi release, Psy’Aviah – The Wildness In Me. The release contains 18 tracks. There’s four tracks the release is based on. First is the The Wildness In Me, The Book of Life, The Truth, and Perspective Proportionally as an extra bonus added in.

For the track The Wildness In Me, remixers on duty include MissSuicide, Cyborgdrive, Restriction 9, and CUBIC B612. Meanwhile, the artists on the knobs for The Book of Life includes Karl Rogue, Outpost 11, and Studio-X.

For a release that is largely about two tracks, there is certainly a lot of range here. The vocals in the two main tracks are provided by Eli Rho. Indeed, the choice of vocals was a really good one. When the vocals winds up being the highlight of the track, you know you’ve picked a good vocalists to carry the lyrics. Of course, for those who are wanting dub versions (ala instrumental versions), this EP features those as well.

So, for the radio edit for The Wildness in Me, you do get treated to the four to the floor structure. One complaint we’ve heard about in some electronic music genre’s is that the lyrics are often confined to a simple couple lines or a main chorus. If that is one thing you’re not a fan of, then you are definitely going to enjoy this release for this track alone. There is a full lyrical structure where not only do you have a catchy main chorus, but verses that do add additional meaning here. Backing those vocals are a good compliment of synths that do well to not only punctuate the vocals, but nicely evolves from beginning to end to give the track flow as well.

The MissSuicide remix, however, takes the track into a different direction and gives the track a darker and techy undertone. Meanwhile, the 13th Angel remix utilizes piano and string elements to add a touch of softness to the track while still providing some of the grungier synths to give a balance to the overall sound. The Cyborgdrive remix takes this track and gives it a more retro vibe throughout.

Meanwhile, the Book of Life radio edit has hints of EBM and less of a four to the floor sound. The slower BPM gives the track a somewhat dreamy, yet relaxed vibe. Combined with the themes in the lyrics, the track also gets an introspective feel to it as well. Specifically, what can we fix in ourselves and do better?

Now, this is more of a look at what a release offers and less of a review, so it’s a little off to pick a favourite, but I thought the Karl Roque club trance remix really knocked it out of the park on this one. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard too many good trance tracks in the past, but the remix really took this track in a really interesting uplifting trance direction. It has a nicely thought out build before giving this track a very different main melody. It really sounds like something that would be a top track on Fables or a Future Sound of Egypt label. Apart from maybe a little too much of that sidechain effect, it’s hard to find anything to complain about with that one.

Meanwhile, the Studio-X remix moves the track further down the rock path by adding those electric guitars. It’s almost like an industrial rock track, really.

Now, Eli Rho isn’t the only person on vocal duties. There is also Jen Draven who provided vocals for the tracks “Perspective Proportionally” and “The Truth”. For “The Truth”, it almost has a tribal sound at the beginning before gradually evolving to a downtempo ambient track. The vocals then almost take on a spoken word style as the track progresses. Meanwhile, Perspective Proportionally starts off with some piano and a subtle glitch sound. Like The Truth, there is that spoken word style sound when the vocals hit. Gradually, the track then breaks down after. Both tracks can offer a nice intermission to any tracklist, really.

There are, of course, a number of other tracks found in this release as it is a rather large one. The release can be checked out on Band Camp where you can listen to the tracks yourself. You can also check out some of these tracks on YouTube.

The Wildness in Me:

Book of Life:

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