Sneak Peak: Psy’Aviah ft Saydi Driggers – Dream Fever (EP)

In this exclusive sneak peak, we check out a new single from Psy’Aviah. This time, it’s the forthcoming EP Dream Fever.

It’s always neat to see the name Psy’Aviah pop up in the inbox. This time, the nice gift we got is the Dream Fever EP. A forerunner for an upcoming album Soul Searching which is due out later this year.

Dream Fever is a forthcoming EP featuring Saydi Driggers providing vocals. The EP features not only remixes from the likes of Disquettes, HayTem, and Mind.Divided, but also the track Walking on the Moon.

The original tracks on this EP features a much more ambient style of music. Psy’Aviah is, of course, known for dabbling in different genre’s and mixing it into the synth-pop genre. This is definitely no exception where the style leans more heavily in the down-tempo style.

Dream Fever features some more traditional instrumentation backing the track. As a result, it has those more spiritual undertones. Meanwhile, Walk on the Moon relies more on the synth melodies and pads. Both are different was of interpreting down-tempo ambient music, but both very workable start points to some interesting tracks.

The remixes of Dream Fever, meanwhile, take the track into various directions. Disquettes remix utilizes the more retro synths to give the track a very light 90s pop sound all the while using piano to fill other parts of the track out. Still, it retains that downtempo sound to provide a different flavour of the track.

HayTem, meanwhile, uses the more four to the floor trance style. It keeps the piano elements, but relies on the more progressive melodic sound Trance has been known for for quite some time.

While HayTem increases the tempo, Mind.Divided take the track into a more ambient style. It uses a more wet reverberation on the vocals and only relies on a very light approach to the drum kit.

For those interested in this, The Dream Fever EP is expected to be released on the 8th of March. So, just a few days away now.

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