Review: Zero Gravity – Sensorium (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Zero Gravity – Sensorium.

This track was released in 1992 as part of an EP.

The track starts off with some reverberated synth. A bassline comes in along with a kick. some high hats come in. The wet part of the reverberation disappears and the dry sound comes in more fully on the synth. An additional percussion comes in.

From there, a synth string element with a choir element comes in. After this, various elements pull back as a synth melody comes in. The kick is brought back as well as the synth and bassline. The various synths and other elements then pull back, leaving just the synth string elements.

A bassline then starts to come in. The high hats help to gradually build the track back up. The synth strings then fade away, leaving just the drum kit and bassline. A pop sound is added. A subtle phaser effect is added for a small period of time. After that, a drum kit is all that remains.

From there, the synth strings come back as well as the synth effect and bassline. After this, various elements then pull back once again.

In the next section, the kick returns as well as the synth melody. The drum kit then goes away. After this, the pitch of the main synth melody then is pulled up and down.

After a brief pause, the main synth melody continues and is backed by a number of other elements. The track then starts to break down. Various elements slow down and the track leads out with a voice sample and the main melody.

One thing that is definitely going for this track is the general audio atmosphere. The bassline and drum kit is enough to give this track a rather interesting atmosphere. So, that is pretty good.

The main melody is subtle, but it is enough to give this track a nice focal point. The way other elements come in and out while this is playing is nicely done. As a result, there is plenty of variety throughout the track.

The only real problem I see with this track is that it takes a while to build up before getting really good. It goes through a lot before you even reach the main melody. As a result of that, some people may lost patient with this track before it starts getting good.

Overall, this is a very solid track. It has a great audio atmosphere and main melody. The flow works quite well. While it takes a while to build up, there is still plenty to enjoy once the buildup is complete. A very solid track all around.


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