Review: XP8 – The God Particle (Synth-Pop)

This review covers the synth-pop track XP8 – The God Particle.

This track was released in 2005 on the album Hrs:Min:Sec.

One of the good part of this track was the bassline. I thought that it not only provided some good structure to the track, but also added an interesting texture to this track.

Another nice element was the vocals. While there are no lyrics, the overall vocals added a nice dynamic to the track.

The initial melody was was a nice added touch to this track. It added a good amount of progressiveness to the overall sound.

A sublte melody is heard towards the end of the track. This definitely added a nice amount of variety in this track.

Overall, this was a decent track. While it isn’t exactly a track that made me go “wow”, it was a decent track that was pleasant on the ears. A pretty decent track all around.


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