Review: Xenturion Prime – Voyagers (Synth Pop)

This review covers the synth pop track Xenturion Prime – Voyagers.

This track was released in 2014 on the album Mecha Rising.

The track starts off with quite an impressive combination of string and synth. It then goes into some well done vocals. The vocals definitely serves as the main part of this track and I found them definitely varied and enjoyable.

The backing synth was also nicely done. It added some rhythm and melded well with the vocals.

The only pitfall of this track was the inclusion of a seemingly added bit at the end that contained some death metal elements. I’m not too sure this really fit well with the rest of the track. As such, if it was simply chopped off, this would have been a great track in my books. The inclusion of it made this track a bit more of an awkward listen.

Overall, this was a very good track. It was nicely mastered. The vocals were nicely done. The synth worked quite well. The intro was also nicely done. If the death metal portion at the end wasn’t at the end, I think it would have been a great track.


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