Review: Warmen – Finale (Rock)

This review cover the instrumental rock track Warmen – Finale.

This track was released in 2002 on the album Beyond Abilities. We previously reviewed the track Beyond Abilities and that got a great score. So, we thought we’d try another track from the album to see what it’s like.

The track starts off with a string element and a bell melody. The track then picks things up with some slow electric guitar chords. An additional string melody is added. From there, the drumkit picks things up.

At that point, a guitar solo comes in after the string elements are removed. At the end of the solo, a second chord electric guitar joins in briefly. This part is capped off with a more acoustic guitar as the drumkit becomes less prevalent.

The next section starts off with a few notes from the chords guitar before the other guitar continues on with a next solo.

From there, the bell melody continues, followed up with a drumkit solo. The return of the string elements brings the track back to the main section again. After a while, the track then begins to fade out with the main part of the track repeating. The only thing left towards the end is the string element. This too fades out after a while.

One thing that is great about the overall track is the fact that it sounds like some sort of final boss fight in a video game. If this was actually a final battle in an RPG game of some sort, I would say that it fits under most circumstances. It works that well.

The bell melody gives the track a sort of underlying horror element. The string element, meanwhile, really gives this track a good amount of tension. Meanwhile, the electric guitars really give this track a nice weight. With the underlying drumkit constantly changing its presence throughout the track, the track gets a nice overall flow throughout. I thought the guitar solos worked nicely in this track as well.

In all honesty, I couldn’t really find anything to really complain about in this track. It’s that good.

Overall, this is a great track. It has a nice level of epicness that would fit in some kind of RPG final battle theme. I like the string elements giving the track a nice tension combined with the bell melody giving the track a sort of horror undercurrent. The guitars really gives this track a very nice wight in the overall sound. The solo’s add a bunch of variety throughout. With the drumkit anchoring everything down nicely in a well thought out flow, it’s hard to find anything to complain about here. A great track to say the least.


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