Review: Warmen – Beyond Abilities (Rock)

This review covers the progressive metal track Warmen – Beyond Abilities.

This track was released in 2002 on the album Beyond Abilities.

The track starts off with what sounds like an old person speaking. The simple beginning sets the track up to impressive effect. The rest of the track ultimately takes off from there and doesn’t let up.

One way that can describe the track is that it has certain sections and those sections are plopped into the track. Obviously, there is a main chorus, but there are also other sections as well. So, it does follow a standard rock flow, but does so without any lyrics (beyond the intro of course).

There is also the fast notes in the electric guitars that make this technically impressive. Some parts are layered with an additional instrument, but I can’t really put my finger on it. My guess is that it’s a key-like instrument, but I’m not sure exactly what. This, of course, doesn’t hurt the track in any way, though. A lot of the notes this track hits are higher notes. This gives the track a great sense of high drama.

Overall, I have no real complaints about the track. It has that sense of drama with the high notes. The notes are very quick, which makes it technically impressive. The set up was nicely done. So, I would call this a great track.


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