Review: The Wallflowers – One Headlight (Rock)

This review covers the alternative rock track The Wallflowers – One Headlight.

This track was released in 1996 on the album Bringing Down the Horse.

The track starts off with guitars. A bass guitar comes in along with some keys. After that, the vocals come in for a verse. Some lead guitars then come in as the vocals take the track into the main chorus. This ends with a brief instrumental section.

From there, the vocals take the track into the next verse. After a while, the vocals take the track into the main chorus. This ends with an instrumental section where the track pulls back a fair bit again.

After that, the vocals take the track into the next verse. The vocals then take the track into the main chorus again. An instrumental section then comes in with a guitar that sounds a bit out of place. The track then gradually fades out.

For me, listening to this track ends up being a pretty boring affair. The theme of living in a junk location and wanting something more may be an interesting one, but the way the lyrics are laid out, it winds up being a pretty bland subject.

The vocals, in the mean time, only further cement the bland nature of this track. Even when they go into the main chorus, it’s hard to really get excited for this track.

Meanwhile, the guitars do get remotely interesting during the main chorus, but then they fall back to being pretty stale. The keys that accompany them from time to time make this track and even more dull affair. Even the instrumental sections don’t do a whole lot. The most these guitars can be is background run down bar music.

Overall, this is a pretty bland track. The vocals are mediocre and the lyrics are flat. The guitars manage to work themselves up the quality scale to background run down bar music meant to be ignored. It’s pretty hard to really pick out anything that makes this track shine simply because it doesn’t seem to exist here. So, a track that just falls flat.


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