Review: Voicecoil – Perfect Dark (Synth-Pop)

This review covers the synth-pop track Voicecoil – Perfect Dark.

This track was released in 2016 as part of the album Inertial Fault. It is also available for free streaming (in the link).

The track starts off with some synth that give the track a rather ominous sound. After a second or two, there are some piano and synth melody elements. The bassline really helps give the track a nice melody as it builds up. It doesn’t take long before the vocals come into the track.

Eventually, some electric guitars begin backing the vocals. While subtle, they work quite well to give the track some texture. They really help with the buildup as the track goes into the main chorus. There is even some female backup vocals thrown in. Again, while noticeable, they don’t take up much of a presence, but they do strengthen the overall quality.

From there, the track gets broken up a bit with a piano solo. While brief, it sets up for the next portion of the track nicely – especially with how it is backed by a backing synth melody. After this, the track hits the next verse. Again, it’s short, but it is effective. After that, the track bleeds smoothly into the next chorus.

After this, there is a synth melody solo. This varies the track nicely while adding another break. from there, the track hits another chorus. The track then gradually fades out with a synth effect.

One thing I notice is the fact that the tracks sections are rather brief for the most part. The exception is with the main chorus. The risk here is that the track may seem somewhat fleeting as a result. Because of the smooth transitions and longer chorus elements, this doesn’t actually affect this track at all. I think this is pretty impressive.

The biggest strength in this track is definitely the main chorus. Not only are the vocals well done, but also the backing elements. The synth, backing vocals and electric guitars work so well together to present such an impressive quality in audio.

The ending is almost too quick, but given how fast some of the transitions happen throughout the track, it doesn’t affect the track that much.

Generally speaking, this is definitely a very solid track. It has very well done vocals and the production value is very nicely done. Great backing elements such as extra vocals and electric guitars add a nice flair to the overall track. Definitely a recommended track.


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