Review: Voice of Cod – It’s Just a Ride (Original Mix) (Psytrance)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the progressive psytrance track Voice of Cod – It’s Just a Ride (Original Mix)

This particular track was released in 2004.

One of the major features of this track is the voice sample that seems to be taken from a stand-up comedy routine. While it is a major portion of this track, there is a nice melody also thrown in that makes this track not overly dependent on the lengthy sample.

I thought the chopped filtered portions of the voice sample were nice. It’s not right up at the front, but rather, a subtle effect to add to the overall sound of this track. It definitely adds to the overall quality of this track.

This track is, overall, nicely put together: great effects, nice melody, great sample. A great track overall deserving of two thumbs up from me.


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