Review: VNV Nation – Resolution (EBM)

This review covers the EBM track VNV Nation – Resolution.

This track was released in 2011 on the album Automatic – the same album that also contained the track Space & Time.

The overall feeling this track portrays is a general uplifting emotion. Specifically, it’s a feeling of self-confidence as articulated through the lyrics.

The pads in this track really helped project the emotion. It gave a sense of fulfillment. The effects also helped this along.

The main melody worked very well as it both gave this track something interesting to hear as well as gave this track a certain rhythm.

The vocals were nicely done.

My criticism for this track is the fact that there was the occasional cliche found in this track. I thought that this prevented this track from truly being a great track.

Still, I thought this was a very well produced track. The melody, effects, and vocals were great. If it weren’t for the cliches that cropped up in the lyrics, I would’ve said it was a great track overall. Still, it’s definitely worth listening to and gets a recommendation from me.


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