Review: Vincent de Moor – Flowtation 2001 (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Vincent de Moor – Flowtation 2001.

This track was released in 2000 as a single.

The track starts off with a bassline-like synth and a kick. There are some filtered claps as well at the beginning. A lead high hat joins the track. An additional high hat joins the track along with a synth pad. The clap then becomes more prominent and the high hat becomes more full. An additional percussion joins the track. Some more percussion elements join the track.

A couple elements drop out as a synth effect makes an appearance. The track is reduced largely to a few percussion’s and a synth effect. From there, the track comes back to continue the build. A snare makes a brief appearance and the track pulls back a fair bit again.

From there, the drop hits and synth effects and pads take over. A synth melody makes a subtle appearance. A piano element also makes an appearance. The synth melody then is brought forth as other elements rejoin the track. Snares come in briefly. Another series of snares comes in and the melody is pulled out. This leaves the various synth effects, bassline, and drum kit. After that, the track gradually pulls back again.

Elements of the drum kit as well as synths are all that’s left after. The drum kit then get put back in as an additional synth effect makes a subtle appearance.

From there, the main synth melody comes in. A number of effects come in and the track finally drops. The main melody is only backed by a couple of synth effects. Parts of the drum kit comes in and an additional synth chord joins the track. The synth melody from earlier comes in as well. After a series of snare hits, the rest of the track comes in and the synth melodies play out. Snares periodically make appearances.

Elements of the track pull back. Filtering is added to one of the synth melodies before it drops out at a crash. After a moment, this melody is replaced by another synth as the main melody continues. The track then gradually pulls back.

The drum kit, bassline, and synth pads return after the main melody drops out. After a bit of time, the snare makes an appearance again and the track begins to break down. After a bit, a high hat and a synth pad leads the track out.

One thing this track has going for it is the melodies. Both the build up melodies and the main melodies work quite well. This is especially true when the track is going on in full. What’s more is that one synth melody is replaced by another part way through. This winds up only building on an already very solid track and turning it into a great track. Certainly, this track has large chunks of being very enjoyable.

The one thing that this track has that prevents it from being a great track is the intro. The first half of the track is just intro and small amounts of buildup. To me, a lot of that intro could have been chopped down to about a minute and a half to about 2 minutes as opposed to the over 5 minutes this part is. I thought it was drawn out.

Still, once you get past the intro, this is actually a great track. The melodies work so well. The overall flow is great. There is so much to like about this track. It is a shame that there is such a long drawn out intro that holds this track back. In the end, it is a track well worth listening to despite the long intro. So, a very solid track all around.


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