Review: Unit 93 – Trust No One (Full Length) (House)

This review covers the acid house track Unit 93 – Trust No One (Full Length).

This track was released in 1990 along with two other tracks.

The track starts off with a kick and a synth melody. This is joined by a clap element that has a subtle automated filter added to it. A string synth comes in before the snare gets the track off to a start.

A secondary synth melody comes in, layering everything together. The secondary melody goes away and a synth effect is added for a moment. A 303 effect becomes more prominent after this. The secondary melody makes a return after that.

When that goes away, a voice sample makes a brief appearance. After a moment, a second voice sample makes an appearance. After that, the synth effect comes back.

In the next part, a synth string effect makes a return. The secondary melody is then layered on top of everything else. That part ends with a brief snare roll, leaving only a synth string and the first synth melody behind.

From there, the track then picks up with the addition of the secondary voice sample before the synth effect comes back in. An additional synth effect makes two brief appearances. The track then pulls back a bit with the secondary effect sprinkling the overall sound every so often.

After that, the first effect and the 303 sound builds the track back up again. This section has both voice samples making another appearance. After a brief period of time, the secondary voice sample makes a repeat appearance.

The track then begins to break down with various elements fading out piece by piece. After only a few elements remain, the whole track fades out.

One positive thing about this track is that the track does make very smooth transitions from section to section. Different elements are layered and mixed and matched. The combinations used do end up working nicely.

While most tracks have certain moods or portray different emotions, this track is largely neutral. Perhaps there is a gentle sense of happiness, but the track doesn’t advertise it like a giant neon billboard.

Generally speaking, this is apretty decent track. It is a pretty approachable track with smooth transitions from section to section of the track. While I wouldn’t say it is anything to jump up and down and get excited over, it is still an overall pleasant experience to listen to it. A very reasonable track to listen to.


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