Review: Timmy T – One More Try (Pop)

This review covers the track Timmy T – One More Try.

This track was released in 1990 as a single.

The track starts with some strings and a 303 bassline. A melody comes in right when the vocals come in.

When the main chorus comes in, a piano melody joins in. Some piano chords are also added as well to be a more full element.

When the track goes into the next verse, the piano goes away and some other melodies back the track.

After this, the vocals go into the next round in the main chorus, but this time, only backed by the piano. By the end of the chorus, other elements join back into the track.

In the next verse, the piano goes away just like before and the other elements come back in like the previous verse. This is followed up by the main chorus again which is the more full version. At the end of the main chorus, the vocals go into talking for a brief moment. After this, the track breaks down quickly and ends.

For me, the strongest part of the track is the vocals. They are quite clear and nicely done. They also compliment the main themes of the overall track quite nicely.

The strings are also quite nice. They also compliment the themes in the track nicely.

One thing I will say is that some of the backing elements come off as a bit on the tacky side. It sounds like the singer is singing from one of those cheap keyboards with some of the percussion’s.

Still, overall, this is a decent track. It has nice vocals and string elements. Some elements do cheapen the sound a bit. It does have merit in spite of the flaws, so it is overall good.


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