Review: The Wanted – Glad You Came (Pop)

This review covers the pop track The Wanted – Glad You Came.

This track was released in 2011 on the album Battleground.

One prominent feature is definitely the main melody. While I initially thought it was actually well-produced, it quickly became apparent that it was as if the producer found a short melody that worked and then didn’t know what else to do with it. As a result, this same short melody is pretty much left on auto-pilot throughout the entire track. There was an effort to change it up a little with different sounds, but because it is pretty much the exact same notes with no variance, it becomes a bit repetitive. Because of the repetitive nature, the shelf-life on this track is shortened drastically to only a few listens at most.

The lyrics suffers from the same problem countless pop tracks suffer from – cliches. Sadly, this track contains them. As a result, the lyrics are quite boring and become a side-feature to the repetitive melody. Another issue I have with the lyrics is the awkward repeating of some words. Sometimes, it messes with the rhythm a little.

The vocals were decent, but do little to stand out. So, they end up being nothing too special.

When I got most of the way through the track, I thought I was going to give this one a 6 because it didn’t annoy me as much as some others, but then I heard the ending. The ending should have just been a repeat of the main chorus and that was it. Instead, the producers seemed to have introduced an extra synth with some off key notes before the piano section. I don’t know why this decision was made, but it did the track no favors.

Overall, the lyrics had cliche’s, the main melody was good at first, but due to excessive repetition, it loses its luster rather quick. While not the worst track in the world, it’s quickly forgettable.


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