Review: The Rhythm Section – Generation (Electro Laserdance) (House)

This review covers the acid house track The Rhythm Section – Generation (Electro Laserdance).

This track was released in 1990 along with another track.

The track starts with a kick and high hat. A voice sample comes in to help build up the track. From there, a bassline comes in and some additional effects come in. The voice samples returns.

After this, the track pulls back a little and introduces a 303 melody. After this, the track pulls back with some additional voice samples.

At some point, the 303 melody returns for a brief period of time. After this, the track pulls back, sprinkling a few more voice samples. The melody then returns and additional voice samples are added.

After this, the track pulls back and some additional synth effects are added. The voice samples return. A snare roll then takes the track back to the main melodies again. The track then breaks down and more voice samples are sprinkled in. After that, a synth effect comes in, transitioning the track to the next section.

The main melodies make a return. A snare roll comes in and some additional voice samples make a return before the track breaks down one final time.

One good thing about this track is that the different elements to give this track a decent sound atmosphere. How every element is laid out and brought in and out is pretty good.

The problem I have with this track is that the melodies are generally lacklustre. Some melodies are only two notes. Others are even just one note. So, the track does get a little plain after a while in spite of the various elements to keep things interesting.

Overall, this is a decent track. While the melodies make this track a bit lacklustre, the various elements do give an interesting sound. A decent one all around.


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