Review: The Grid – Crystal Clear (456 Mix) (House)

This review covers the progressive house track The Grid – Crystal Clear (456 Mix).

This track was released in 1993 as part of a single.

The track starts off with a synth effect and a voice sample. An additional set of synth effects and a drum kit comes in. A bassline also makes an appearance.

An additional voice sample comes in before a synth melody comes in. Additional percussion work comes in.

A synth effect comes in. After that, some synth pads come in. When that goes away, the synth melody and bassline makes a return. Some synth effects then come in. After that, a brief piano element comes in. An additional synth melody comes in. After that, a voice sample makes a return. The secondary bassline makes an appearance before a synth effect.

Some synth pads make a return. Additional synth effects make an appearance. After a bit, the track gradually breaks down with some synth effects leading the track out.

One thing I do like about this track is the upbeat mood it generally has. It also has that sense of being laid back as well. So, it is an overall pleasant listening experience.

The only thing about this track is that there isn’t a whole lot about this track that makes it really stand out. Yes, it’s a nice listening experience, but it isn’t one of those experiences I would be excited to return to over and over again.

Overall, this is a pretty decent track. It has an upbeat, yet pleasant mood throughout. While it isn’t one that I would personally go back to over and over again, it is a nice track to listen to.


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