Review: System S.F. Feat. Anna – Look to the Sky (Original Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track System S.F. Feat. Anna – Look to the Sky (Original Mix).

It is unclear when this track was released. The abbreviated version of this track was released 2006 as part of a compilation album which features music from the game Dance Dance Revolution.

The track starts with some synth and a kick. After this, the track adds some additional synths. The track briefly pulls back with some synthetic voice work. After some effects, the vocals start coming into the track. Several synths then back away again.

At this point, the main vocals take over. At the end, the vocals become chopped before they go away. After this, the track drops with the synthetic voice. After that, the vocals then go into the main chorus.

After several kicks, the main synth melody takes over. The synthetic voice makes a brief appearance before the main vocals go into the next verse and then the main chorus again. At the end, the synthetic voice and several synth effects ends the vocal section. After that, the track then starts breaking down for the last time.

The big strength in this track is the vocals. They give this track such life an vibrancy. There is some subtle effects added to them, but they are largely untouched otherwise. The lyrics, meanwhile, really give this track a well realized personality of not just loneliness, but also hopefulness as well.

An additional strength are the synths. Not only are the main synth melodies dreamy, but the backing pads also give this track a nice strength as well. The track ultimately has a nice full sound to it.

Overall, this is a great track. It has great vocals and nicely done lyrics. The synth melodies work very well and the synth pads also give this track a nice full sound. An overall great track.


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