Review: System 3 – Like A Shot (J.D.A. Remix) (Hardcore)

This review covers the gabber hardcore track System 3 – Like A Shot (J.D.A. Remix).

This track was released in 2002 on a remix EP which includes the original mix, a remix, and the track I’m The Floorfilla.

One thing this track features is one heavily filtered voice sample. While it gives a watery sound that gives an interesting texture to the overall sound, the sample is a bit hard to even understand. This track also features some unfiltered sound samples that really give this track a hardcore sound.

A great element of this track is the main melody throughout the track. I thought this swing-like melody made this track a great listen.

The bassy sound at the beginning and the vibrating pad synth in this track both added some great atmospherics to this track.

My problem with this track was that it relies a bit too heavily on the filtered voice samples. This gave the impression that this track was a bit drawn out or possibly a bit too repetitious.

Still, there’s plenty in this track to enjoy. The main melody and the atmospherics worked very well. So, I would say that this track was a good track to listen to.


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