Review: Super Furry Animals – Demons (Rock)

This review covers the alternative rock track Super Furry Animals – Demons.

This track was released in 1997 on the album Radiator.

The track starts off with some vocals. This is backed by a subtle guitar element. Some synth effects make a brief appearance. After that, there is some strumming. Lead guitars join the track as the vocals hit the main chorus early on.

After this, the various elements drop out, leaving just the vocals and a subtle guitar. From there, the strumming returns as the vocals continue the next verse. A subtle synth element makes an appearance. When the vocals make it to the main chorus, the lead guitars come back. Backup vocals also make an appearance here as well. This ends with a subtle phaser element.

Everything drops out again, leaving some guitar elements. Brass elements join in as the track starts picking up again. This goes on for some time. When the track builds back up again, the vocals take the track back into the main chorus. These vocals are backed by the elements mentioned previously. The vocals extend the main chorus as well.

From there, the track then breaks down again, leaving just some keys and a synth effect. Guitars also make an appearance here. The drum kit then drops out. After that, the keys lead the rest of the track out.

It’s always a bad sign when it becomes difficult to find positives for a track. Still, I will say the keys do give this track a nice backing element.

Meanwhile, the guitars are decent enough. They aren’t amazing, but they aren’t bad either.

As for the vocals, they do have multiple moments where they seem to hit notes a bit too high. As such, they don’t give the track any sort of clean sound. Instead, it gives it that amateurish sound to it.

With the overall sound, I’m always on board with the idea of pulling the track back at certain times for effect. That technique can easily give the track a huge amount of power. For this track, however, it goes back and forth so many times between a semi-full sound and a quiet section that any power that would have gotten becomes rather minimal. As a result, it’s hard to really stay interested in this track because good elements wind up becoming fleeting.

Overall, this is a pretty mediocre track. The keys are decent enough and the guitars are OK. Unfortunately, the vocals did this track few favours and the overall construct of the track didn’t really get the job done. So, a mediocre one all around.


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